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Welcome to Harmonise Health and Wellbeing 

Holistic Therapies tailored to your individual needs

Hamonise Health and Wellbeing is a tailor made service based in Bristol, England offering advice, mentoring and holistic therapies in Reiki, Reflexology, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Hypnoreiki and a combination of therapies. 
These services are available on a mobile basis, at my home studio and at Contemporary Therapies in Bristol. I can also provide these therapies for groups, corporate events and via Zoom/Video call.

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About me 

Thank you for visiting my website at Harmonise Health and Wellbeing.  
I am Carla Clemente and my passion has always been to help people. 
Over the past 20 years I have supported, guided and offered advice to people from all different backgrounds. 
5 years ago I qualified as a Reiki practitioner. I have gained experience from providIng  this therapy as part of Health and Wellbeing events in a corporate setting which led me on the path to becoming a Health and Wellbeing Practitioner. 
The therapies I have available can be tailored to your individual needs.
I am offering therapies in the comfort of your own home if required and also group/party sessions. 
Therapies are available from my home studio in BS3 weekdays and weekends at Contemporary  Therapies, Cheltenham road,  Bristol. 
I am also offering appointments in certain therapies via Zoom/Video call. 

I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss the therapies available and your needs. 
I have a variety of essential oils, moisturisers and crystals that can be used during treatments. Clients who would like a home visit I can also offer cleansing and protection with sage and Palo santo. During most of the sessions  meditation music will be played. 
I want to create the best relaxing environment for you which also will be adapted to your  individuals needs.

Qualifications - 
Reiki -level 1, 2 and Masters. Diploma in Health and Wellness (CPD Accredited).  EFT/TFT Practitioners Certificate (CTAA Accredited).Professional Diploma in Reflexology (CTAA Accredited). Diploma in Hypnotherapy (PHPA Accredited- DHP Acc.Hyp. ) 

Memberships- International Reiki Organization and The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association. Insured with Protectivity 

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Therapies available and fees

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This is a Japanese technique used to aid relaxation, stress and promote balance and harmony within the body. During a Reiki session I will place my hands above the body. The  'life force energy' Is then channelled around The body which will remove any blockages within the energy system and allow the life force energy to run freely. This will improve ones health and wellbeing. Some may experience sensations such as warmth or coolness, a tingly sensation, an emotional release and some may experience no sensation at all, however Reiki is still working and you will benefit from its amazing and magical power. 

Reiki Benefits-

Promotes health and Wellbeing, helps with pain management, mental clarity, releases stress and tension, relives depression, reduces anxiety,aids relaxation,improves sleep, smoothes, digestion, strengthens self esteem.

£55 1st session (1.5 hrs-2 hrs) 

£35 -2nd session (1 hour) 



Reflexology is an alternative therapy involving massage and pressure on specific points on the feet and hands. This is done using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands. By working on the feet this way, energy blockages are released allowing life force energy to flow freely and can help to eliminate physical issues and toxins as well as emotional issues within the body. I will start the session with some relaxation techniques and then work on the feet, starting off with massage and then focusing on the reflex points and paying extra attention to the reflexes that require it the most. The session will then end with some visualisation or reiki.  During the session you will feel completely relaxed. There maybe some tenderness in certain reflexes, which will pass once massage is applied.

Reflexology benefits-

Deep relaxation, improvement of  nerve function, improvement of brain power, increase blood circulation in body, eliminates toxins in body, strengthens immune system, boosts metabolism and energy level, reduce headaches, relieve menstruation and pregnancy discomfort, reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

£55 1st session (1.5-2hrs)

£35 2nd session ( 1 hr) 


Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT)

This is a talking therapy and a form of energy balancing with a similar concept to Reiki and reflexology. By tapping certain points around the top of the body you will be unblocking area pathways to allow the life force energy to run freely. Also at the same time you will say a statement that resonates with a particular issue you are experiencing. By tapping on these particular points and saying the statement this sends signals to the brain which eliminates the stress that causes the issue and balances the energy field. Before we start the tapping sequence we will have a detailed discussion about the issue and try to establish the root of the problem. You will then rate this between 1-10 and then commence the tapping sequence.  Once the rating has gone down to a low score we will then go through the closing procedure. You should start to feel relaxed after just one sequence and go away feeling happy and contented as this one session should resolve your particular issue. 
EFT benefits -
Promotes relaxation, eliminates fears, anxiety, depression, stress, pain, can help with weight loss/gain, self confidence. This also can be used anytime by the participant to help with a particular issue once they know the tapping sequence.  

Each session £55 (1.5-2hr) 



This is a therapy for people of all different ages that can help eliminate a  particular symptom. The process involves deep relaxation, using relaxation/ visualisation so you go into an hypnotic trance and then to either use suggestion therapy or analysis therapy depending on your  needs. Also we can visit past lives - past life regression. The first session will begin with lots of talking as a full case history will need to be taken in relation to your particular issue and then end with some relaxation hypnotherapy. On the second session we will discuss any further updates and commence with further hypnotherapy which will be detailed and specific to your needs and symptom. The amount of sessions required will depend on the severity of the issue. However you can expect between 2-6 sessions. 
Hypnotherapy benefits- 
Proven to help people stop smoking, loose weight, pain management, help PTSD, child trauma, build self confidence, help anorexia sufferers, promote relaxation and eliminate stress. It can help overcome any symptom. 

Each session £55 (1-2 hrs) 


Hypno reiki 

This is a combination of reiki and hypnotherapy. Visualisation is used to relax you and reiki to induce an meditative/trance/hypnotic state. Then positive suggestions will be given to help you overcome a particular issue. 
£55 per session (1.5 hrs -2hrs) 


Combination of therapies and taster session

As this is a tailor made service the therapies I have available can be combined to suit your needs. I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss the therapies available and your  requirements. If you would like a taster session of therapies this can be arranged. 

£55- Combination of therapies (1.5/2hrs) 
£35- taster session/combination (1hr) 



I am offering group/parties on a mobile basis. This will be for a small party of friends and family for a relaxing pamper day or evening. This again will be tailored so each participant can reap the full benefits of my therapies. 
£35 per person per hour ( min of 3) 

Online Shopping

Corporate setting 

I am also offering my therapies in a corporate setting - for businesses. 



Warm friendly atmosphere, Carla was very calming and has helped me on my first session in loosing weight with Hypnotherapy. Can’t wait for my next session. 

Loved the Reiki session and I will definitely have more. I suffer with chronic pain  and the entire time through the session I couldn’t really feel anything. Was weightless and so relaxed. Think tonight will be the best nights sleep in weeks. So hard to explain and such a lovely and unusual feeling. I could see colours and shapes and I was so chilled out, which is unusual for me. Thank you and look forward to next time. 

I just want to keep carla for myself! After 40 minutes of Reiki I felt like I was walking on air. I had an headache at the beginning which I had for 3 days but by the end of the session it had gone and 48 hours later it still hasn’t returned. It was a wonderful experience and I am booked again for this month. I can’t wait. Thanks Carla I am hooked. 

If you have any questions regarding my services. Feel free to reach out today.

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Therapy location and Opening Hours

Mobile and at Contempory therapies,West Street, Bristol 

Mon-Friday 7pm-9pm Saturday-Sunday 10am- 9pm 

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